Correct use of motorcycle mirrors

Most riders position their mirrors to provide the same rear view, resulting in image duplication and a narrower overall view.

By tilting the mirrors outward, the rider can expand and optimize rear visibility while still seeing everything behind.

The next time you get on a motorcycle, take a good look at the left and right side mirrors before you leave.
What do you see?
Is the field of view in the left mirror almost the same as in the right mirror?
How much of the scene behind you can you see from the two mirrors?
If each scene repeats a lot, try tilting the two mirrors outward to expand the width of the overall view.
The ideal adjustment allows you to see the vehicle directly behind you in either mirror, but with minimal overlap in that image.
You should also now have a noticeably different view of the outside of the mirror.
The left mirror should show more space near the bike on the left (where the car passes), and the right mirror should expand your field of view by expanding the view of the space on the right side of the bike (where the merging vehicle appears).

Hope you ride safely!

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